woodgate beach

I just got back from a two week holiday to Woodgate with my family! Woodgate is a small little costal town in between Hervey Bay and Bunderburg on the eastern Queensland coast. We had a wonderful two weeks on the beach, exploring and visiting nearby towns. Here are some photos from our adventure:

I loved the moodiness of the ocean -- blue and sparkling one day and wild and grey the next. I've never spent a significant amount of time by the sea before, so it was really cool to get aquatinted with the tides and moonrises etc. To fall asleep listening to the ocean's roar is something I'm already missing.
And the sunsets. I miss the sunsets.
I love this photo of two of my little siblings -- watching a storm roll in.
One of the road trips we took was to a nursery/garden called bamboo land we had visited as a family over seven years ago. It was nostalgic to be walking those same paths again.
This is from Maryborough, a town I loved because of its historical buildings. (Or as my family and I call them for no reason, "hysterical buildings.")
Just a cute tree growing beside our holiday house.

A beautiful place in Woodgate was Theodolite Creek, which we called Treasure Cove. Unfortunately, I have no photos of the place, nor do I think photos can do it justice. It was an inlet of the sea. When the tide was out, you could walk for ages across the mouth of the sea. When the tide was in, pools and sand islands where formed. The place was nestled by a beautiful little forest and the sand had lots of driftwood and shells on it, hence "Treasure" Cove.

It feels so good to be home, and yet so exciting to be leaving again soon, because I move out this week to study Floristry in Brisbane. And with my boxes of possessions I'll carry with me these memories.


P.S. I'm thinking of revamping my blog's design and posting more often. What kinds of posts would you like to see more of?


beautiful things

words from jane austen / lace / some freshly picked roses


update in photographs

I went on a wonderful two-week trip with my mum to the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne. We flew to Sydney, cruised to Hobart and to Melbourne, then flew home. This was my first time leaving Queensland for a holiday, and it was such a fun time.

Unfortunately, we didn't go in the opera house, but we did get this view of it while cruising out.

Colourful Sydney townhouses by the water.

Little Italy in Melbourne! We had authentic pizza and gelato.

Melbourne, from the top of the Shrine of Remembrance.

St. Kilda, Melbourne, at sunset. Beautiful place.

And beautiful Hobart.

There have been a couple of small road trips as well. I found a lot of beautiful places near where we live that I'd never visited before.

But really, how adorable is this little guy?

Someone's really nice driveway. Trespassing may or may not have been involved. ;)

I really love this view.

Here's a video I made as well.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day and I'll see you soon.


a sunflower field

This year, I started planning a trip to visit a sunflower field for the first time ever. First I looked into going to a place down south that had a field, but when that didn't work out, I planned a Towoomba visit that turned into an all-day shopping event. The sunflowers outside of Towomba were rumored to have all died anyway. I gave up on my dream and hoped maybe next sunflower season I'd go to a field to take photos. A few weeks later we were driving to town to go to church. We drive on this road all the time. I happened to look to the left and I saw a golden sea of sunflowers! There was some squealing from me at this point. :) I can't remember seeing sunflowers in our town before, and it was an awesome blessing to have a massive field of beautiful flowers right by the road where I would see them frequently. I walked into the field and snapped dozens of photos. And so that dream came true!